Pros and Cons of StoriesOnboard

StoriesOnboard is a new social bookmarking website that combines “bookmarking” and “social” together. Users can post their favorite stories, vote on other stories, and comment on the ones they’re not so fond of. It’s a great website for social interaction with fellow bibliophiles.

First things first – StoriesOnboard has never been faster First things first – StoriesOnboard has been transformed by its new dashboard design. The workspace dashboard looks much more like an actual book, with multiple columns for posts and links to other stories. The sidebar buttons are all easily accessible, and the new tab layout allows you to easily switch between stories and posts. The panned scrolling works very smoothly, and the new zoom feature helps you shift focus quickly and easily. There are tons of new features, but I’ll only mention a few here:

Social Bookmarking StoriesOnboard allows you to save your favorite stories to a public account, which you can then share with others. The new social bookmarking option in StoriesOnboard takes this one step further. Now when you submit a story to your Storiesonboard account, it will also be available for others who have signed up for the service. That’s a pretty cool feature! In addition to this, you can also search for stories based on tags, categories or even specific subjects.

Advanced Project Management With the addition of StoriesOnboard Pro, users can create advanced project management and manage their complex projects with ease. You can now manage your stories via the Story Map feature and even view your entire board in one place. All of this is possible thanks to a new feature known as Live Map. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry – you’ll get to know it more as I go through the pros and cons of using it in the following paragraphs…

Advanced Workplace Integration StoriesOnboard provides an easy way to integrate your workspace with other programs. One example is that you can import your PowerPoint presentations directly into your workspace. This is a very useful function for people who have large, complicated presentations to prepare. Also, if you happen to use any of the amazing remote desktop applications (such as Remote Office) currently on the market, you’ll definitely appreciate the ability to access your files from any PC/laptop. In the past, I’ve used these programs to present data from my accounting software, spreadsheets, and even PowerPoint presentations.

How Does it Work? At first glance, it doesn’t really seem like much, does it? However, upon further inspection, you’ll discover that StoriesOnboard has some really neat features hidden away within its clean, simple-to-use interface. First of all, I found that it had the ability to auto-save any article or document that you may have written. In addition, it also allows you to send articles or documents by e-mail, which is a nice feature for those who occasionally need to pass along information that they may be working on. The other nice thing was the integration with remote desktop software, such as point or Coolaroo – you can easily get your desktop screen sharing with other computers using these utilities.

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