How to Use a Spewy to Scrape Google Results

Some people think that it is possible to scrape Google results. This is legal in some circumstances but generally speaking this is not legal. If your intent is to “spy” on Google or obtain personal information you will be breaking the law in my opinion. Google does not permit people to scrape information off the website.

The problem with this is that in order to scrape google results using third party software you have to have access to the source code for the website. If you try to scrape the site without this “source code” it will fail. Even if you are using an autoparse functionality, the software will not accept your changes until you have the code. If you do not have the “code” then the software will return a 401 error.

Fortunately there are software tools available that will allow you to scrape Google search engine results in the format. These tools work with both the ecommercetools scraper and the Google scrape bot. These tools allow you to search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and MSN. If you have a cookie enabled cookie id in your Internet Explorer settings, you will be able to view search query values in this format as well.

Using the scrapers to scrape Google search results makes the entire process very easy. Once you have downloaded the web scraping software you are ready to build your own web scraper. Simply choose the template from an area on the left hand navigation pane of the software and follow the instructions to create the scraper. You can then select the fields you want to scrape for a web scraper to work. Next you simply copy and paste all of the data and information into the html editor.

You may have noticed that in earlier versions of the web scraping tool you had to use a program like Windows SysTools to be able to scrape web pages. This program was not designed to work with ecommercetools so it created a security risk. As an alternative you can use the Microsoft Internet Explorer scraper, which is free. It works exactly the same way as the Microsoft tool and allows you to scrape Google web search results.

The other feature of the scrapy that allows you to scrape Google query results is the proxy support. When you use this feature you can configure your scraper to intercept any request made to a web search engine result page. For instance, if you were searching for the website you could configure your scraper to intercept the request and return it to a URL you specify. This proxy support also allows you to set up your own private proxy server so that you can view Google query results on any computer that has internet access.

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