How to Buy an Air Purifier? Is Carbon Neutral Better Than Charcoal

Air purification systems are vital devices for combating the deadly effect of pollutants such as smoke, dust, pet dander and ozone. They work by trapping and removing these toxic fumes. You may have one in your home or office but many companies, from city apartments to skyscrapers, depend on them.

Filters are not part of most home air purifiers, however. Because some people prefer not to keep on cleaning the filter when using a purifier, and the cartridges are the same for the whole house, the system is usually fitted with a charcoal filter or mesh bag that traps all the particles that you can get on them. If you do have a purifier you may not know what type it has, or how to care for it. Here is some advice to help you.

There are two types of filters, a disposable and a mesh bag. Both of these systems are suitable for indoor use. When choosing a model, think about the water that gets used and the size of the purifier.

The mesh bag filters use charcoal filters that trap and expel particles by allowing them to be vaporized by the hot water used in your home or office. The charcoal filters can be washed off the air purifier and may not be available in every home air purifier model.

It is important to be sure the no. 1 air purifier ฟอกอากาศ you have is carbon-neutral. Charcoal is considered the only pure material in nature; you cannot make a product out of it. But because most of the world uses coal, coal by-products, which contain some carbon, should be added.

The charcoal-based carbon-neutral purifier is the most effective at killing any contaminants on the surface of the filter or on the cartridge. Another advantage of charcoal is that it is less expensive than carbon filters.

The charcoal filters work by releasing carbon monoxide into the atmosphere so as to neutralize it. This is because of the carbon dioxide produced by your body when it burns fuel.

Carbon filter cartridges can be refilled when needed. When you remove the cartridge, let it sit for about three hours before replacing it.

Some charcoal filters come with colored filter paper so that you can choose the one to match your mood or look. These filters have one of the benefits of the other carbon-neutral purifiers such as the ozone system.

The other benefit of charcoal filters is that they emit pollutants such as carbon monoxide, while the ozone system absorbs them all. But carbon filters also have the disadvantage of being far more costly than the ozone system.

So whichever you choose, charcoal filters are the best way to go. You will probably find that your filter costs considerably less than the ozone system.

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