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Database keywords are terms or sets of words that a DML (relational language model) database can be linked with. This means that a selected document is stored in one document but linked with other selected documents that are in the database. The word “keyword” refers to any word or phrase used by a SQL Server stored procedure or stored user interface. You use these phrases and words in a way that lets users access the data stored in your database.

A few facts about database keywords are that they are a collection of words and phrases that allow a DML (relational database management) server to select a specific document and only that document when the query or application request refers to that specific word or phrase. In other words, when you create a view or table in your database it is only the word or phrase used that actually identifies that view or table in your database. When you create a view or table in a dynamic database such as in Microsoft Access this is not the case. Dynamic databases are stored in memory rather than on a hard drive. So, when your user requests a certain document to be linked to another certain document in the system you create a new link and place this in the link list of the selected documents in your application.

You cannot create a link for a generic term or word such as “hourly” in Microsoft Access because it would be senseless. In most of the well-known RDBMS such as IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Informix, MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase SQL Anywhere there is no generic keyword. Database keywords are very important to web application development. In most of the well-known dynamic database applications, you need to be very careful about the database keywords you are using because the name of the database keyword can be very confusing to a novice programmer.

The proper usage of database keywords is that you should avoid using keywords with wildcard expression while building a query or application command. Such keywords are not allowed to be part of the database keyword when you are developing an application or a procedure. The query or the application command must have a single unique keyword or database keyword. It must only contain letters or numbers only i.e. octal, binary, hexadecimal, or other numeric characters.

When you want to search the contents of a particular database you can use the term “search-term” instead of “keyword”. The term “search-term” is commonly used in all the major OS or operating systems. You will often find the search term in the POSIX common database (collected procedures, fields, functions, generic classifiers, objects, and tables). But the SQL server commonly uses the term “row” when talking about the contents of a table.

There are also a few issues regarding the usage of keywords in Microsoft Access. The issue is that keywords are specified only once. If the same keyword or database name is used repeatedly, it results in a build-up of redundant information in the system. The documentation management system records only the last two occurrences of each keyword or database name.

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