The Concept Travel To Japan Best Summer Tour

The concept tour to Japan is not a kind of tour but a visit on a one-day trip to enjoy the famous attractions of Japan . Also you can take a stay at the hotels to save some money and try their dining. Korea is the fourth largest country in the world, a large ethnic mix with people of different backgrounds.

The concept travel to Japan consists of a visit to the theme parks like Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Yeouido City. Seoul, the capital city of South Korea is considered as the world’s busiest commercial city with a large airport. The theme parks of Seoul is the ideal ทัวร์ญี่ปุ่น 2563 for the visitor who likes amusement rides and live shows.

Many travelers are going to the Asia’s biggest city, Seoul, to take the Japan Tour 2020. This is the seventh edition of this popular tourism idea. The concept tour includes visiting some of the most famous tourist spots in the country including Gimpo airport, Kyuhaesung mountain, Yeosu Mountains, Kangsik River, Incheon Airport, and Pusan Bay National Park.

On your way back from Korea, you can enjoy the beaches of Korea which are famous for its numerous water sports activities. Other great places to visit in Korea are Gangneung Beach, Busan Peninsula, Incheon airport, Samcheongnam National Museum, Daegu National Cemetery, Jeonju Island, and Wonju Island.

There are five islands in Jeju province, an island popularly known as ‘Jelly’. The location is ideal for those who love wildlife as there are abundant of bird life and land life of Jeju. The small island can be explored in an easy manner by bicycle. The tourist attractions include Jeju volcano, shopping centers, temples, historic sites, and several waterfalls.

You can visit the beach at Busan Peninsula. The tourist attractions are the Busan National University, Seo-Kwangsan, Jae-Wonbuja, Sun-Shimpo-Dong, Gangneung beach, and Mount Daehang-dong. There are some high class facilities at Seo-Kwangsan, which have quite famous for hotels and bars.

The famous beach at Busan can be enjoyed by all who are interested in hot tubs and swimming pools. The location is so beautiful that you can take a nice hot spring bath at the beach. Apart from that, the beaches are known for white sand, tall pine trees, sea birds, and whale watching.

One of the famous resorts in Jeju is the Doonam Spa. It is the most popular spa and spas in the province, boasting of its 70 million won spa packages.

One of the best places in the South Jeolla Province is Dongwai village, which was named after its coral reef and abundant fish population. The restaurants and cafes here are mostly serving authentic Korean cuisine, served with your choice of spicy foods.

The concept tour to Korea consists of going to Busan and a visit to Kyuhaesung Mountain. The main attraction of this mountain is the underwater cave with limestone formations and an exciting view of large forests of pine trees. This is considered as the ‘Sakura Castle’ of Korea.

If you think that Korea is just a real-life fantasy for tourists, you will be shocked to find out that it is indeed a reality for many visitors. There are so many wonderful tourist spots in South Korea. We would suggest that you visit them all if you plan to go on a tour of Korea.

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