A Review of Leaseweb Support and My Experience With Their Service

“For me, this isn’t about the money, it’s about the principle,” Joe Bloggs will say when it comes to Leaseweb only care about taking your money. No, I am not talking about the company, but their support service.

Leaseweb Support hasn’t been up and running as much as Leaseweb should have been, I have found since purchasing their domain. While I was not worried about the traffic that comes in to Leaseweb, I wanted to use it to bring in some more business.

The Leaseweb forums did not help my cause. I took the time to investigate the company and the quality of the product before I bought any domains from them.

Now I can’t really blame them for not having support on the forums anymore. It is ridiculous how many phonies they have built up, they have many scams and have been offering support for quite some time now.

They are like a customer service company that claims to be a support and do the best by taking your money but instead they play fast and loose with their facts, yet claim to be the best. I can’t go against that.

“Hi Max, we’re glad you sent us your support ticket and we’ll be sure to get back to you with a response as soon as possible.” This is a company that has been scamming people for years and just gets mad when they get caught.

It is called a support that does nothing but play games and do nothing but promise you are going to get answers. “We’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible” and then they have nothing to show for all the time they have taken your money and have only done one thing for you – deleted your account.

leaseweb support did not even work for me, they left me waiting several weeks for them to respond. The Leaseweb support team was not able to help me or resolve my issue so I just unsubscribed.

Leaseweb support has always been one of the main reasons why I chose them over other hosting companies, because they are more than happy to give you a free domain for life. The support team has helped me create websites with a control panel, created a website for me with instructions to help me on my first website build, helped me install WordPress, created the whole website in my preferred format and help me set up affiliate links.

My support team has helped me with the details of all of my accounts, including the customer service questions that I had. When I had an issue, my support team was there to help me solve the problem.

After reading through this article I realize that Leaseweb only care about taking your money. They don’t care about anything else and the support system is nothing more than a scam.

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